Thursday, June 21, 2007

I missed my own third blogiversary!!!!!!!!

It's no secret to many people who know me that I am very bad with dates. It's pretty much a given that I will not remember a birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. It's not that they aren't important to me, or indeed that the person involved is not important to me, I just sort of feel like the random unexpected remembrance or gift is always so much more fun than remembering to send that card on Valentine's day or whatever.

That and I really, REALLY suck at keeping a calendar. I never know the date, unless I am traveling on it. Time goes so fast and I have a real problem trying to turn the pages of that calendar (whether weekly or monthly) fast enough to keep up. Maybe I am avoiding the passage of time, trying to hide from my own inevitable aging, I don't know. But I do apologize for those I love and care for that they take the fall for my calendarphobia.

So I guess it's no surprise, then, that I forgot my OWN Third Blogiversary on June 17? Three years bitches! Three years!

Sigh.....three years. (shakes head, wonders where it all went.)

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