Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Letting my Geek Flag Fly

1) As I was getting dressed this morning I realized I could not zip my dress all the way up the back. I could get the zip up enough so the dress would not fall off me, but it was obvious that the zip was WAY open. Rich had already left for work and I really didn't have time to change clothes and I for real could not get that damned zipper up. I am just not that flexible.

What to do what to do? Ah, yes. Find a friend. Luckily I have made friends with the ladies in one of the shops downstairs from our flat. So, on the way to catch the train, I popped by the shop (it had opened not 1 minute earlier) and asked one of them, sheepishly, if she wouldn't mind zipping me up the back. I felt it was ok since I had bought the dress from them. (Not that the purchase of a dress includes permanent zipping services, but in emergencies one does what one must.) The gals there are pretty used to me, sometimes I just stop by to say 'hi', so she just busted out laughing and zipped me up.
Remind self to buy them some chocolates or something....because I am just NOT normal and they are nice enough to accept me anyhow!

2) I am letting my inner Geek out in a big way. The other day I bought Buffy Comics season 8, issues 1-3 and devoured them pretty much momentarily after the purchase. Cool graphics (though what the hell do I know about comics?), great writing (what else would one expect from the Almighty Joss?) and fun story. I still sort of hate Dawn, though. But I am sure she will get more interesting....and it is kind of cool that she can squash things with a good stomp now. I hope to get season 4 and maybe 5 (is it out?) Friday. We are a bit behind, here.

3) Inner Geek continues its 'Aliens' like birth as I read the Hyperion Omnibus, by Dan Simmons. A fellow Geek (one of the pub crowd, we share a love of Terry Pratchett and naughty stories with lots of cursing and use of the word 'bollocks') lent it to me, telling me that yes it was Sci Fi but also based on the poetry of Keats and has a good human interest. (I've always professed to hate Sci Fi but for all intents and purposes I had better review my thoughts on that, considering my love of Serenity, Douglas Adams and some other similar things.)
I confess I borrowed it only because he seemed so intent on lending it to me, but I'll be damned if it is not a quite riveting story. I thought I'd give it an hour or so, to see if it would draw me in, and three hours later I looked up not realizing how much time had passed. So, I guess I will continue with it! It's really good, thought it is also a VERY big book, two books in one, hence the 'omnibus' part of the title. I guess I won't be seen out in public much in the next few weeks as I muscle my way through the very large tome. Well, the hammock is comfortable and the weather is mild. Perfect conditions for a laze around with a good book whilst getting a tan.

4) Work is going to seriously and completely kick my ass starting in about a month. I have such a huge project staring at me that I get a bit anxious thinking about it. I need/want to do advance planning, and am doing what I can, but the nature of the project, the companies, regulations, and agents I am dealing with don't actually allow me to do much more than obsess. I just have to wait for the information I need before i can get going. One of the things I hate most in this world is procrastination by others that holds me back in a project. Because it usually ends up that their lateness makes me late, and as a timely person that just chaps my ass big time. I just don't see what is so hard with getting things done on time as necessary! Ja Wohl! My Kraut is showing.....

Tonight (ok so tomorrow, but it's just as long now) is MidSummer night. We gots 20 hours of sun today. That's alot of sun. I plan to be outside for at least some of it tonight. People set of fireworks and generally go insane, so sleep is not much of an option.

Imagine laying in your hammock outside and reading a book at midnight with no extra lighting but the sky.....I did that yesterday! tonight I just drank beer.....I needed sunglasses until 10 pm.

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