Thursday, June 14, 2007

Of ALL people....

I have decided that of all the famous people in the world who don't deserve to be famous, this woman bugs me the most.

I mean, look at her here.

And here.

And here.

Does that woman EVER smile?

What has she got to be so angsty about? I mean, holy crap, she is the biggest sour puss and acts like being famous is such a HARD job, yet all she does is pose and.....try to be famous. She just glours and stares and grimaces and pouts. Pose pose pose. HATE her! Go back to England and.....oh, wait. Never mind. You guys keep her in America, she's farther away from me there. Maybe I won't have to hear about her as much.

I truly can't stand her and every time I see her I get more annoyed with her.

Yes, I hate her more than Paris Hilton and Elizabeth Hasslebeck combined. I hate her THAT much.

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