Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Girl Panties

My sister in law Stev has an expression: "Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it".

I love that expression. First time I ever heard it I bust out laughing and I still giggle at the mental picture I get whenever I hear it. WAY better than pulling yourself up by your bootstraps!

Anyhow, today I did indeed put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

I, all by my mine own self, fixed my start up disk on my Mac. Yep, me, all by myself, I booted from the install disc and everything! Disk Utilities, First Aid, the whole shebang. Me did it!

I've been nervous about fixing it, my Mac told me it need "minor repairs to the Macintosh HD" or some such blah blah and to restart from the install disc. But I, never having "booted" from any disc or sandaled from a frisbee or high heeled from a plate or any such thing, was distinctly nervous about it, especially after my Dad's late saga of erasing EVERY FUCKING THING from his Mac on the not so complete advice of his Mac guru. (Nobody, apparently told Dad that he MUST BACK UP before reinstalling his operating system. Dad's a literal kinda guy and needs ALL the instructions, he's been known to hand his cell phone to strangers at gas stations and say "Can you make this work?")

I did need to find some more specific instructions as to HOW one goes about booting from start up discs, but thanks be to the Mac website for explaining to me that I need to restart the computer with the install cd in it whilst holding down the "c" key. Some digital gymnastics and a few "wow, that's a wierd noise"-s later, and voila! fixed disk!

I have to say, the Mac website is really great for finding anything I need when I have questions about my Mac, in a clear, concise and easy to find manner. Kudos to them. Cuz, for real, the iBook G4 booklet that came with the computer is USELESS.

These big girl panties are a comfortable fit.

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