Monday, June 04, 2007

My muse...

....has left me. Sorry for lack of posting, I just don't really have much to say. So I think this will be Random Pictures Week.

Today's Images from Vilnius.

A courtyard of an old baroque building.
Rich in the sky bar of the hotel we stayed at. If that bar were in London or NYC, it would be the hippest place in town. As it was in Vilnius, it was not crowded, ever, and a mojito cost $4.

The Church of the Babies. Little flying babies everywhere.

Nuns on the run. From me.
Sunlight hitting bricks and reconstruction materials inside an old church being fixed up.

The beer that kicked my ass. 7% strength, porter. I didn't realize how strong it was until suddenly my arms would not work. Be wary of the local beers, they are not for wimps. I also liked this beer because they sort of named it after my mom.....and she can kick my ass as well.

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