Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Farmers and the Smell

Oy vey.

The local farmers (we are surrounded, our little town, by very rich and productive farm land) have apparently all decided to fertilize their fields at one time. And the wind has been very effective in blowing the smell of cow shit DIRECTLY into our flat. The whole damned town smells like a cow. A farting, chewing, shitting cow.

And guess what we had last night for our anniversary dinner? If you guessed Big Ol' Steak, you are right.

There's all sorts of irony there somewhere, but right now I am just too busy covering my nose to suss it out.

And for you Brits out there, here is a very hilarious example of a difference in wording between the UK and the US. I introduce...The Fanny Facial! When I think of it in UK terms, I really am curious as to how one would go about doing such a treatment? I guess it's all about the lips.

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