Monday, June 25, 2007

1000 posts and random possession I adore

Wierd. That last post I made, about seein' my home bitches in Austin, was my 1000th post.

Three years, 1000 posts. Not quite one a day but close enough all told.

Ok so anyhow, tonight as I cooked dinner (lightly breaded pork chop with a white wine mushroom gravy, very Deutsch and very delish) I realized how freaking much I love my cast iron skillet.

My mom gave it to me when I went to college, and she had it from at least the time she came to the US, so it's probably at least 40 years old. It's perfectly seasoned, pitch black, practically non stick and totally awesome. It's heavy as hell. It clangs and bangs and it practically breaks my wrist every time I try to pick it up with one hand. There is NOTHING like cooking with an old cast iron skillet. And even better, once you are done cooking with it, you swab it out with hot water and some soap and it's clean.

Tomorrow is my 14th anniversary, and if the husband forgets, it's also a good tool for beating him upside the head. *CLANG!*

I love multi purpose kitchen ware.

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