Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bad girl....BAD girl

I didn't post yesterday because the day got away from me and then I got really very drunk. (Well I got drunk later in the day. During the day I had a strange experience when a blind guy completely knocked me over when he ran into me because his seeing eye dog apparently can't see Americans or something. He just whammed into me, full body tackle, and we were both rather surprised, getting the breath knocked out of us and all. I apologized, he apologized, and the dog just kept going. I think some retraining might be warranted.)

I didn't post today (well, not REALLY this is not a post so much as an apology) as I spent the day hungover in a very truly painful way and berating myself for wasting yet ANOTHER Saturday being hungover after a knees up at the pub. Today's was particularly vicious what with the really bad headache and nausea that creeped up every time I attempted to eat. I hate being really hungry yet not able to eat. And it's HOT outside, so eating is not very tempting. And have I mentioned we don't have A/C? I mean, it's not that hot for Texas, but it was, like, 90 today, and that's hot to be in an all glass and steel flat on top of a building. Like being in a tin can. With no a/c.

I am going to limit myself to 3 drinks on Fridays from now on, and when people go get a round I am going to resist the temptation to say "Yeah, sure, I'll have another, thanks!" No more wasted Saturdays due to hangovers!

My new favorite word will be "NO". A word I've always had problems with.

Though I did fairly well with it today. NO cleaning. NO cooking. NO moving.

Hmm...maybe I don't have problems with no after all.

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