Thursday, June 21, 2007

Biff Lindstrom to the Rescue!

Last night at the pub the "dagens rett" was a dish called "Biff Lindstrom". This dish was described as "like a hamburger without the bun, with gravy and rhubarb". I did not order it.

I did, however, vastly enjoy the name of the dish. Biff Lindstrom. BIFF LINDSTROM!

I get two very disparate images of a guy named Biff Lindstrom.

Guy #1: "Biff Lindstrom! He's our hero! Go team go! Gosh he's peachy keen, our American hero, I hope he takes me to the sock hop tonight! Have you ever seen anyone so DREAMY?" (girls in pony tails and poodle skirts screaming as he runs by to score the next touchdown for the college team)

Guy #2: (Cue music) Boom chicka chicka wah wah...."Biff Lindstrom, Swedish Porn Star, now appearing in his latest hit, "I Got Yer MeatBalls Right Here". Biff Lindstrom, women love him, men want to be him. Biff Lindstrom. See him at sticky theatres near you".

I have fun with my food, what can I say.

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