Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We interupt your random photo viewing.....

.......To blog about some shit.

1) Holy shit, I so am stunned by Weeds season 2! I lost all willpower and downloaded it to iTunes instead of waiting for the DVD as I had planned to do, and watched it over this week. Can I just say, as a season ender, that is the most cliffhangery thing I have EVER seen? I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about it so much. One thing that makes it so watchable, but so perverse, is that really, NONE of the characters have any truly redeeming qualities.

Think about it...Celia (my favorite character) is a bitch. Look how she treats her daughter. Andy is a wastoid free-loader (though smokin' hot), Silas is a manipulative little shit, and Nancy really is NOT a good mom and you can't tell me that dealing pot is the ONLY thing she could have done to support her family. Conrad is the only one who even comes close to having a moral compass, but he is still a drug dealing badass who beats people up.

I mean, let's face it, they are all fairly horrible people, but they are also intensely human. Painfully, relate-ably, human.

So, while you may not do any of the things they do, you understand WHY they are doing them. And understanding is in many ways also empathy. Nancy has this vulnerable thing going on that just shines through, and Celia is just so confused and messed up and angry, but what she is really doing is trying to make things better and help other people avoid her mistakes. She just goes about it all wrong.

That last episode of season two, with the Mexican standoff, just killed me. I'm stunned. When Nancy was standing there with guns pointed at her and she finds out her boyfriend is killed, and she's just trying to deal with it and process the news? And she's all "Wait, he's DEAD?" and they all yell "Yes!" at her and she sort of flaps her hands and goes all girly? It was so feminine and vulnerable in the midst of all the macho gun pointing posturing, I thought that was a phenomenal moment. Wow.

2) Summer arrived on June 1. Thank you. I can now officially begin my Dress A Day plan, where I work through my summer wardrobe of skirts, dresses and sandals and hopefully never wear the same thing twice (unless I want to, of course). I have a skirt fetish, what can I say. (Summer is not so very long here, so while a Dress (or skirt) A Day seems really ambitious for a whole summer, we are really only talking three months MAX, so for me that is doable. I think. I have alot of skirts. And dresses. I will have to do some repeats on shoes.)

3) Bed issues. Well, first of all, Badger you are a total bitch for having a new bed and then BLOGGING about it, with you being all comfortable and individually well rested and shit. I hate you! Ok, so maybe I only hate your bed, but that's only because I CAN'T HAVE IT.

We, on the other hand, went looking at beds and realized that in order to buy a bed in Europe we are going to lose about 6-7 inches of sleeping width. Length is the same but width is narrower (our American King sized bed, by general measure now, is about 200cm by just over 200 cm. A large Euro bed is 200 by 180, so we'd lose + /- 20 cm of width.) Sheet fitting issues aside, I don't know that I want to lose that much width and buy a bed that won't really fit anything in the US when we go home. So I am sort of stuck. Also? European beds are WAY softer than American ones. I want a softer bed, yes, but not a marshmallow, so I was pretty shocked at how squashy some of those beds were. And expensive.

We did, however, try a compromise and bought some 'over mattresses' at Ikea, the Sultan Tuvebo ones, that add about three inches of padding on top of an already tall bed, thus hopefully leveling out some of the gorges in the bed and making me hop up to get into it. We also put the bed sideways, hoping to avoid some of the worst divots by making new ones elsewhere. The Tuvebos seem to make a difference, so far, for me at least. Rich thinks it might be too soft for him, but we bought two of them and he can remove his if he so wishes. He'll just have to climb over the cliff of mattress if he wants to get near me.

I'm fairly certain out future includes separate but equal mattresses, a la Badger and husband, because Rich's idea of a mattress is a bit too board-like for me, and now that the firmness is causing me actual PAIN instead of just a modicum of discomfort, we have to find a solution.

Ikea did have a kick ass round bed, which we both briefly went "Hmm...?" to, but then I realized that 1) I could never find sheets to fit and 2) How many times can you roll around on a bed like Austin Powers, rubbing your bum and saying "Do I make you horny baby?", before it stops being funny? Answer: About twice.

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