Saturday, June 16, 2007

A dress a day continues, but with pants as well

Monday: Black linen dress from H&M

Tuesday: Cool linen pants with matching bolero jacket from H&M. Pants are baggy and high waisted, cuffed and a little cropped. Jacket is a bracelet sleeved, vintage-looking affair. All in a slubby tweedy looky linen in black and yellowy-tan.

Wed: Black baggy linen trousers with suspenders from H&M. Worn with a white vest (or "waistcoat" to you Brits) and a white shirt with big puffy sleeves. Discovered, too late, that wearing a vest OVER your suspendered pants looks cute? But makes having to go pee a real BITCH as you pretty much have to undress and then start again from scratch. And I was short on time and apparently long on pee that day.
Wed Eve: Rich's birthday, silk chiffon dress from Noa Noa in a great shade of celadon green that somehow makes my eyes that same color. I really like that dress, got it way on sale and so bought its twin in an orangey peach shade. Hey, 80% off is 80% off!

Thursday: Back on the dress track. And loving the celadon green, so wore a green linen Noa Noa wrap dress over an old Thai silk CP Shades skirt in a slightly lighter shade of same green. Wore it with my mom's jade beads she gave me, that her mom gave to her.

Friday: Brown point de esprit dress from H&M with smocked peasant top and spaghetti straps. Empire style, which I normally don't like, but this one fits me well and so avoids that pregnant look. Needed a sweater (it's cooled off a bit) so wore with a cream colored granny crocheted shrug.

Today: There's a medieval festival in Oslo so might wear something long and floaty, mayhap that purple floral dress from the other week......

Beautiful day today. God summer in Norway is gorgeous.....

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