Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today's random pictures: Istanbul

My favorite Mosque in Istanbul. It's as old as , or older than, Hagia Sophia, in fact it's referred to as Little Hagia Sophia. It's recently been restored, and I really enjoyed visiting it. The man watching it was very, very nice and allowed us to wander where we wished, which was very different from other mosques I have visited.

We had dinner at the Orient Express restaurant. This is where the very posh train used to stop and all of the the best international society would pause while waiting to catch their trains. The food was quite good even though the place was not very crowded.

Picture of me in a mirror taking a picture in the harem at Topkapi palace. I had to wait ages until all the other tourists moved on before I could get the shot. Visiting the harem there (I've now done it twice) is an exercise in patience because you are squished in with about 100 other people, all trying to see the same tiny room at once.

A boat on the Bosphorus.

View up towards the Blue Mosque from the stable market behind. L iked that market, it was a bit more relaxed than the Grand Bazaar and had some (few) different items. I also had a very nice conversation with one of the stall owners there, he was the son of the former Imam of the Blue Mosque. He was a big admirer of Bill Clinton, who he met when he gave him a tour of the mosque.

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