Friday, June 15, 2007


I think you all know what the extra "f" stands for.

This was a really long week. I worked EVERY DAY. Usually I just work 4 days a week (or try to) and for all of May there were holidays every week, so I haven't worked a full week in a long time. And it was a doozy of a week.

I was in a class at work for most of it, which meant getting there extra early (for me) and then being alert, smart, engaging and intelligent for HOURS at a time. Usually I try to give myself breaks in the smartness, you know, but this week it was ALL smart ALL the time. And then there was a TEST. I haven't taken a test that was graded in absolute YEARS. I was really nervous.

Ouch. Brain overload. But I passed and now you can go ahead and ask me about auditing procedures, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 and other assorted businessy crap that is surprisingly useful once you get past the lingo. The lingo is stultifying boring. Painfully, sleep inducingly boring. But once you associate that to what you do every day, it gets if not hugely interesting at least certainly understandable and logical.

Then it was Rich's birthday Wednesday and I planned a very small surprise gathering for him at a local restaurant. Just a few of his work buddies, but still even a small thing needs planning and then there was the issue of how do I clean the house for the apres dinner cake eating without him noticing I am cleaning the house? Because if he notices I am cleaning he will KNOW something's up, because I really don't clean unless someone will see it, you know? So there was that.

And I still had to somehow do my NORMAL work.

And other daily stuff.

(Oy, Looking down at the fountain below there is a young man in a t shirt and no pants who is maybe a bit old to be pantsless. Mommy, Daddy, that kid ain't 2, so I think he needs to wear more than he is wearing, especially as every time he bends over I am getting an eyeful of kiddy junk that I really would rather not see. Thanks.)

I also wanna send HUGE props Badger's way. Not only was she quoted in an article in the New York Times, but the article is in the Fashion and Style section, which sort of makes me green with envy as holy crap, it's the NYT FASHION AND STYLE SECTION! Which, like, EVERYONE reads! So there are all these FAMOUS people who now think that Badger is a Mom Guru, a Wise Person of the Blogging Set.

And to think I know her and have even ridden in her Bad Ass Minivan.

One small quibble to the NYT? Where Badger lives? Is not exactly West Texas. It's sort of (well it IS) central. But hey, nobody expects Yankees to know where everything is in Texas, just like all those small states in the east are, to us Texans, those Small States in the East.

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