Monday, March 07, 2005

You get what you pay for

Here is an interesting article on MSNBC (which has really good travel articles) about the low fare airlines dilema in Europe.

Which follows what I have been saying/doing all along: Yeah the upstarts can be cheap, but also be sure to factor in addtional costs and time when trying to get to those dinky little airports, and see if it is really worth the savings. Lately I have been using SAS or BA, their fares have been really competitive, and they offer direct flights to the "good" airports instead of to the regional ones far away. And the luggage issue also factors in. RyanAir is trying to make people do carry on only, which can work sometimes, but not always.

It comes down to a balance between money, convenience, the "annoyance factor" and hidden costs. For me, if it is a difference of $50 or so, I will always take the bigger carrier. If it's a bigger cost difference, then I weigh the options. Which will piss me off more: the extra expense or the three hours it takes for me to get to and from the airport?

It's a game, now, and I call it Travel Craps. Cuz, you know, it can be really great if you win and it works out, but it's total crap when it doesn't.

I am off to Amsterdam on St. Patty's day, and thence to Edinburgh. Never been to Edinburgh, but have been to Amsterdam and LOVED it.


  1. Edinburgh=My favorite city on earth. I am jealous.

    I fly cheap European airlines every chance I get, and have not run into the "small airport" problem? Or maybe I have and just didn't realize it because my local airport is about as small as it can possibly get.

  2. I love Edinburgh too! When you go, go to a place called Frankensteins. It has great food and atmosphere. It is down the street from the old parliament building I believe. On full moon nights they have a Full Moon Show that is loads of fun!

  3. Dave, if you've ever ended up at "Frankfurt-Hahn" airport thinking you were at Frankfurt, you'd see the problem with the small airports. Just like "Oslo Torp" ain't Oslo by a long shot!
    Sylvana, that will be on our "to do" list! THanks!


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