Thursday, March 03, 2005

Great International Secret Blog Exchange!

I got my GISBE package today! How fun! My secret blog buddy is named Marisa and she is from Texas. Her package is pictured above. The hand is Rich's as he reaches for the Snickers bar. He thought that since I was taking the picture I would be too busy to stop him. Well, Marisa sent two, so I let him have it......
Her package totally rocks. She sent reading stuff and vintage postcards and beads and things to make jewelry with and candy and (be still my beating heart) BIG RED GUM! Only Southerners understand the allure of Big Red gum. That is good stuff. I never knew how much I missed it until I found I could not get it here, and now I get some everytime I go home. I was out already, so thanks, Marisa for restocking me!
And, as good things come in threes, my sweet Jennifer has sent me another package, which I will pick up tomorrow. I think she might have sent Spaghettios! Man, I could eat them cold out of the can right about now. Guess that will have to wait. Only til tomorrow, though!


  1. My mouth started watering as soon as I read "Big Red." Gah!

    Hooray!! Another GISBE package lands in good hands! :)

  2. I found Big Red Gum here once long along... at a little video rental place. But I haven't seen it again lately... I did get cinnamon flavored gum at Meny the other day! It wasn't Big Red but it helps...

    And I assume you know about the little American food shop across from Klingenberg Kino? Just down the alley from Burger King there... I go insane at the candy counter every time. Even if it's stuff I would never buy in the States. And Ultra! Ultra at Alnabru has Cool Ranch Doritos and Cherry Coke. :o)

    I was one day too late signing up for the Exchange. Next time! :o)

  3. Yeah, Theresa, that little place has great stuff. Sometimes I go just to look. Though I ususally end up buying Skittles and Reese's pieces....and Doritos...and, um, marshmallow creme. *grin* There is a kick ass American store in Stockholm, I got Big Red and Cap'n Crunch cereal there.
    Wouldn't it be funny if we signed up for GISBE and got each other?

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    ooh BIG RED GUM!!! yuuummmmy!! I miss all things cinnamon.


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