Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Q..Trust.

FQ1: Who is an actor or director you trust to always make a good film? What is it about their previous works that make you trust them?
I don't think that I can say that I follow one director. I used to always go see any John Hughes movie but, then, I am an 80's girl. Ditto Mel Brookes, but only up to History of the World, Pt. I.
As for actors, anything with a Monty Python member attached to it is usually a good bet for me. And Sandra Bullock. I love Sandra Bullock, but then she is half German (like me) and calls Austin her favorite home, so what's not to like? Plus, I've met the woman and she can wolf whistle so loud it will break your ear drums. She's cool. I don't know why I trust these folks to entertain me, I guess I can just say it's reliably always been the case.

FQ2: Where is a place you trust to always make good food? What is it about their previous culinary creations that make you trust them? Matt's El Rancho and Chuy's restaurants, both in Austin. I've been going to Chuy's for almost 20 years now, with Jennifer. We both always order the same thing ever time. I have never been disappointed. I've been going to Matt's for 7 years or so, and I crave the Bob Armstrong dip sometimes in my sleep.
I don't know if I can call either of those restaurants the sort of joint that makes "culinary creations" but if you want a reliable plate of savory, soulful and fattening Mexican food, there are no better choices than them.
I can't write about it any more, my Mexican button has been pushed. That is just not a good thing in a land where I just saw in my local grocery store a frozen pizza that is called "Tex Mex flavor" because they crunched up some tortilla chips on top.....
Oh, and my mom's cooking, of course. That woman can bake like nobody's business. Ask me about the 12 layer mocha cake she makes.

FQ3: What's a company you trust to always make a good product? What is it about their previous stuff that make you trust them?
My Subaru is a damned fine car, reliable, fun, trustworthy and a great all around goer. It was not too expensive, it's never broken down, and I still have it here in Norway, where I will eventually have to sell it. I think when I get back Stateside I will trade up for another one, but the raciest, most jacked up WRX that I can get in a hatchback form. I will zoom around with impunity and that car will be black, damn the Texas sun, I want BLACK! And I will do some rally racing. I will have my brother take me around the track and teach me how to race SCCA style and be a macho car drivin' stud girl.

FQ YOU: What is something you do so well that people can absolutely trust you with it?
I am a good jewelry maker, I make good looking stuff that I can't break, so I know it will withstand other people's abuse, too!. Wherever I live, all my life, I find that folks fairly quickly ask me to go shopping with them to help them find what looks good on them and to coordinate their wardrobes. I appreciate the trust that people have in my suggestions, and I always try to make sure that we find them something that suits them and not the prevailing trends.
What's something that people should never trust you with?
Never trust me with Oreos. Never trust me with a freshly iced cake, for my fingers will find their way into it. Never trust me with your new puppy, I will spoil it with petting. Don't let me near vintage beads or a bead store, you won't get me out anytime soon. And I never, ever share movie popcorn, so don't even bother to ask. I will eat it all, better not trust me on that one even a little. And if you lend me a book, it might not come back in all that great of shape, so don't lend me anything you want to keep in tip top shape. I am pretty rough on books.

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