Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Glutton for punishment, or am I just a masochist?

After all my bitching about traveling in the previous two posts, (though really that was just two sucky days out of what was really a great trip) guess what?

More travel! I know, I think I am a sick pervert. A masochist, torturing myself with all this travel. I just have enough time to wash me drawers, and off I go again.

Going to London on Friday for a week. Well, if your good friend says "Hey, wanna use my flat on Cadogan Square?" how can you say no? So nice of her to let us stay! She'll be in Dubai golfing, she has a hard life as well.

So yeay! London! While I'm there I am going to sign up for one of those classes at Central St. Martin's, I am pretty psyched.

Then in May we are going to Budapest. I don't know much about it, so need to get a guidebook or two in London. Anyone been there? How's the beer?

But before the fun starts again, tomorrow I have a fairly nasty chore to take care of. I have to (duh duh DUH! ominous music) go to the American Embassy. Yuck. I need to get some paperwork notarized, and so must face that horrible building and those horrible bureaucrats and their horrible glass partitions, armed guards and bag searches. Going to the American Embassy is like having to go to the unemployment office, the driver's license office, the proctologist and the dentist, all wrapped into one bad experience, except they treat you worse, have guys with semi-automatic weapons standing around and the chairs are more uncomfortable. They are only open from 9-12, and on Wednesdays they don't help American citizens!. I wonder about that part, as isn't it my taxes that support the Embassy in the first place? So shouldn't they be open for me when I need them?

And, for the privilege of them signing my papers, I get to pay $30. Joy! I swear it's almost worth it to just pay for a flight back to Austin to take care of this sure would be more fun.

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