Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hello from Edinburgh

Another town, another bloody wanking awful keyboard. GAH!

Right, so Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Edinburgh Edinburgh.

Fucking AWESOME town. Really. It's truly amazing.

First, our hotel.

Parliament House Hotel. Three Star hotel, in a Georgian building, right by Calton Hill. We got a room on the top floor. Room 14. If you ever come to Edinburgh, do yourself a favor, just run right over to the Parliament House Hotel, and book yourself a room on the top floor. (Rms 13, 14 0r 15). We have the MOST delicious views. On one side we can see the Firth of Forth (five six?) and on the other we can see the big hilly thing whose name I just forgot. Big cliff? Former volcano? Part of the land of Holyrood House? Yeah, that big cliffy thing. Really awesome views of the city as well. And directly below us is a graveyard, and we all KNOW how much I love graveyards. There's even a big obelisk we can see from the bed. The room is nice and big too. SWEET!

So we flew into Glasgow yesterday on RyanAir and it was a smooth flight. Train to Glasgow, short stroll thru Glasgow to other train station, another train to Edinburgh. The trains are really cheap and very efficient, way better than in England. From Glasgow Prestwick to Edinburgh Waverly in about two hours, and the hotel is close to Waverly. Badda bing badda boom and you're there.

Ate at the Hard Rock last night, yeah a bit of a cop out, but we were hungry and there it was. The food was ok, portions kinda small, beer and service good.

Today we got up and book trips to Stirling Castle, Loch Ness and the Highlands for Friday and Sunday. Then we went to Holyrood House. If you know me at all, and by now you must, you know I am a huge history geek and I literally got chills as I walked thru Holyrood House. Mary Queen of Scots freaking lived there and went thru some of the worst experiences of her life there! I got to go into her bed chamber and see the exact spot where the murder of her secretary, David Rizzio, occurred. This made me extra shivery as I had been reading a biography of her (by John Guy) and read about the murder just last night, so it was quite fresh in my mind. Her husband, Darnley, was a real twat. (Read the book.) They also had lots of things she used during her lifetime as well as a lock of her hair. Wow!

Rich decided to go climb the tall craggy cliffy thing (I will write the name of it next post, I hate being a dumbass right now) after the tour of Holyrood and I shot off back down the hill to come here and then will go book a tour of Mary King's Close tonight.

Oh and one last note: The weather has been pretty good. Today I am wearing a long sleeved t, a light cotton safari jacket and a fun floaty skirt and I am fine. The wind keeps lifting my skirt and making me play "Marilyn Monroe on the air vent", so more of Edinburgh has seen my ass than I am totally comfortable with, but then, the guys in kilts must know my frustration as well. Nevertheless, it feels spring-y here and so I am just damned happy to be wearing the floaty skirt and not freezing my frequently exposed ass off!

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