Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace, Oslo.

It's not all that grand, honestly. The soldiers march right thru the crowd. (Well, loose gathering of folks, there were maybe 20 of us?) There's me (obscured) and my aunt in the background. The soldiers just marched in a straight line across the front of the palace and we obligingly got out of their (gun toting) way.
Oh, and the soldiers you see? There were two more. So, maybe five in total? And they were YOUNG. As my uncle pointed out, "You know, they do get younger looking as we get older, so maybe it's just your perspective", but no, dammit, these kids were 16 tops and still had acne and baby fat. Children protecting the royal family!
See that door behind us? That's the front door of the palace. No gates or fences in this "egalitarian" Norwegian society. Just a palace plonked down in a park, with five little guardlets and a big statue in the front yard. I think they need some grass or some potted plants or something, to break up the facade just a little. It's a bit cold, you know?

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