Friday, March 04, 2005


The weather outside is horrible. I have many good books to read. To my mind, this is not a bad thing, as I can lay around and read and not feel buggered to leave the sofa.

So, hence this new Karla-ism:

May my ass and brain grow in equal proportions.

This might be less funny if I had not opened a very decent 1997 rioja just now.

Addendum to this post, three hours later:
In telling my Mom my new Karla-ism, Mom replies, "Do you want your head to be THAT big?"
Thanks, Mom. Backpedal all you want, you can't apologize enough for that one.


  1. Hm, seems your mom has been hanging out with my mom, who once quipped that she had "done a [ViVi]," meaning she had made a mistake. Nice, huh? ;)

  2. I'm just hoping that you stay SASSY!

  3. Vivi, yeah, gotta love those moms.
    Dave, ich bin immer sassy.


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