Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Q...Da Moofies

FQ TOPIC: Cinema. (And it's kind of a hard one!)

FQ1: If you could own any item from any movie, what would you take and why?
I might want Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. Ditto his magic wand. Who would not want a magic wand? With that I could get or do anything else I wanted. I would also want Renee Russo's entire wardrobe from "The Thomas Crown Affair". Those clothes completely rocked. While we're talking wardrobe, go ahead and gimme the clothes worn by Rosalind Russell in her role as Auntie Mame. Total fun funky retro fabulousness.

FQ2: If you could become any character from any movie, who would it be and why?
I'd want to be Tilda Swinton's character in Orlando. To be able to live for so long and see so many things happen, AND to do it as both a man and a woman, would be phenomenal. It would also be cool to be the Vampire Lestat. I guess I like the idea of a very long life that started hundreds of years ago and carries on until now. Being a sexy vampire rock star would not suck either.

FQ3: If you could visit any location from any movie, where would it be and why?
Real location? I want to go to New Zealand and see where they filmed the LOTR movies. (I'm pretty lucky in that I have been to many of the places where many of my favorite movies have been filmed.) I also want to go to Angkor Wat, ever since I was a kid. That's where they filmed much of the first Tomb Raider movie. I just mention that as a movie tie in, though I think it sucked ass.
Imaginary location? The land of the wizards that Harry Potter lives in. I wanna go to Hogwarts. I want to go to a place where magic, wonder and mystery are part of daily life. I want to NOT be a Muggle.

FQ MOVIE MASH-UP: Combine some items, characters, and locations from different movies to create an entirely new film! What would you call it and what would it be about?
Oy vey. That's really hard. Lessee:

We get the guys from Spinal Tap and Monty Python together and make a movie called:

Monty Python's Stonehenge, The Rock Opera
Where are they now, the little people of Stonehenge? And why are all these French people taunting us from on top of the rocks?

You can extrapolate from there.

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