Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Scandinavia invades SXSW. Can I come?

I'm from Austin. I volunteered for four years for SXSW. As a volunteer, I hung out with people I would never have met in my normal life (Sharon Osbourne? Peter Bogdanovich? Penelope Spheeris? Jeffrey Tambour? Lloyd Kaufman? Hello?!) and got to go to some truly excellent parties. I have not been back to SXSW for two years now, and I gotta say, it kinda bugs me to not be there in the fray.

Here's a link to an article in the Austin Chronicle about the Scandinavian bands attending SXSW. Nordic night is always a lot of fun. And in yet another strange twist of Austin Connections 101, the guy who wrote the article was a friend of mine in high school. We used to hang out together at lunch in the outside "freaks" area. Hi Greg!

Is it wierd that I am totally homesick for Austin, and that I want to go home to see Nordic bands I can see here anytime? How fucked up is that? Maybe I just want to go and speak my little bit of Norwegian and blend the two disjointed parts of my life. Who knows. Whatever, right now I feel really jealous of everyone at home and I am feeling homesicker than hell. (Homesicker? Is that a word?) Homesicker. Yeah, that's me.

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