Friday, March 07, 2008

Why I am not normal

Random things bouncing around in my strange little head today.
1) The song 'If  I Only Had a Brain' from Wizard of Oz keeps repeating itself. Very bad when you find yourself tunelessly singing it at work.
2) I saw a news article entitled 'Russian Charged With Trying to Sell Arms' and my first thought was, 'And what about the legs?'
3) My office title is now 'Trouble Maker', courtesy of a co worker who jokingly changed my title on the business card I had taped outside my office door (so people know who's in the office). This new, hand written, title has stuck, and so now whenever I go to someone's office they are all 'Oh oh it's the Trouble Maker!'
Scary thing is? I rather like it. It's perfect for me....sort of gets people to do my bidding, you know? Though I would have prefered the title 'Ass Kicker'. I have the perfect shoes for that.
4) Torturing your British co workers by keeping them away from the materials necessary to make their tea is not advisable...I got growled at today by one such coworker when I stood between him and his water boiler which he needed for his tea. Now I am enjoying teasing him about his tea-pee habit. As this is the same coworker who (I found out) has branded me with the 'Trouble Maker' moniker, you can bet he will have some issues with getting his tea next week as well.
5) I am wearing heels today and am extra tall. I feel rather menacing, yet have the strange urge to hug all those who are shorter than me, as though to comfort them from my scary tallness. I am resisting the urge. Some of the men might take it as an opportunity to keep their ears warm.

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