Wednesday, March 12, 2008

stink. hair. rain. rain. and some gossip.

Random is where it's at.
Here's an article that cracks me up. The 5 top smelly movie star males. Hahahah! Funny thing is, they picked EXACTLY who I thought would be on the list. Especially Matthew Mcconnaughey or however the hell you spell his name. He just LOOKS smelly. Doesn't he? I do hope Depp smells better than he dresses. I heart him.
(Just as a personal FYI, I can tell you about a star who does smell good. Sam Shepard. I met him and Jessical Lange once, when I worked at Tesoros in Austin, and he was not only incredibly nice (a bit flirty even!) but also smelled like some sort of fragrant wood mixed with a tinge of smoke and something else spicey. I couldn't help it, I sniffed the man. Well, he DID put his arm around me!  Jessica  stared daggers at me. Like, yeah, I'M some sort of competition for her?)
(I've also sniffed Jeffrey Tambour, Peter Bogdanovich (very Olde Worlde gentleman is he), Sandra Bullock, Sharon and Jack Osbourne,the guys from Morphine and Sonic Youth, Hal Ketchum, Dennis Hopper, Farrah Fawcett, and came almost within sniffing distance of the Wilson brothers. Among others. I've met alot of stars, actually, come to think of it. They just sort of appear where I am sometimes. Did I mention in a former blog post that Anthony Hopkins has a HUGE head? I mean HUGE?)
Well that is not at all where I meant for  this post to go. Back on track, Karla, back on track.
Yesterday I went and got my hair cut and highlighted at Toni and Guy Oslo. LOVE the color, LOVE it. The haircolorist they have there is AWESOME and I finally feel like I got proper hightlights for my hair texture and color.  But the haircut needs a bit of a redo. I don't fault the girl who cut my hair ( she was lovely and oh so sweet) but I am sort of walking around with something uncomfortably close to a Curly Head Mullet, short on top and then long hanging from it so it looks a bit disjointed. Seems like alot more length needs to come off, and some relayering of the bottom half, which I wasn't really going for but looks like that is what must happen.  I have a redo appt on Friday. And NO I am NOT posting pictures of my Near Mulletness, so don't even ask.
And rain. It will not stop raining,. When it's not raining it's about to rain. And when it stops raining it's just that it is beginning to rain again. GAH! This is NORWAY, oh Weather Gods, not England, so how's about some non rainy weather? I'm going crazy here, and no matter what you do I refuse to buy the overpriced wellies I see on everyone else.


 "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken."
...Tyler Durden, Fight Club

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