Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring! Woo! Spring!

Well damn. I just spent about 15 minutes trying to find a picture in our HUGE photo files that said "Spring!" This is the closest I could find. There's flowers and I am wearing a bright flowery skirt. Good enough.

Seems like most of our photo files involve buildings, historical things, monumental things, big heads, trees or funny people doing silly things. Not much in the way of flowers. Yes there are gardens, but we never seem to catch them in the full fig of spring floweryness.

I KNOW I have some flower pictures somewhere, but for now this will have to suffice. It's from a trip to England in April 2004, at least that is what the photo file says.

Today is the first day of spring and also first day of LazyPalooza 2008. For Easter pretty much all of Norway is closed from today (Thursday) straight through til Monday. Back to work Tuesday. This gives me FIVE FULL DAYS of not having to do anything. Not having to go anywhere. Not having to count time. Not having to do anything that involves anything business or money transaction or anything because EVERYTHING is closed. Sort of enforced nothingness, which really removes any latent guilt one might have about being a lazy good for nothing roustabout.

Admittedly, it's kind of freaky, knowing you can't get groceries, medicines, daily necessities, or WINE (except 711 type stuff) for such a long time. We have buggered off out of Norway every year because of it. Too...claustrophobic, all those days of silence. This year was to be no exception. All sorts of ideas were kicked around, including going to Tunisia or to Jordan to see Petra (still very high on the list.)


Until I got the flu. I am STILL tired from that, and it took away alot of my "get up and go". Rich was all eager to book a trip to SOMEWHERE, anywhere, but I really just didn't want to go anywhere anymore. After Amsterdam and Munich I am just plum tuckered out. He was getting more and more annoyed at my hedging, and I was getting more and more annoyed at feeling pressured to go somewhere yet again, so finally I told him, look, just go somewhere already and I will stay home.

He wasn't sure about it, but I explained to him that maybe it's better that we split up for a few days. That way he can travel and not have me being all lazy and draggy on him, and I can have luxurious slackerness without feeling guilty that he is bored.

So he is in Poland drinking cheap beer, on the strict promise he bring me back my yummy Cherry Vodka, (and it's a helluva lot cheaper in Poland than on that website, let me tell you!) and I am staying home, reading, snoozing, possibly doing some reorganizing and cleaning out, and we both get what we want without having to piss off the other.

I slept REALLY well last night.

After 15 years (as of June) of marriage, you learn that it's ok to tell your partner to fuck off every once in a while.

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