Friday, March 21, 2008

my deck runneth over

The one inch of snow invited some friends overnight and has become 6. Possibly 7. And more friends are breezing in. Veritable snow gang bang out there.

I am the voice of doom, people. When everyone around here was saying that we would have an early spring and even the kommune was getting into the act and sweeping up the grit and gravel off the sidewalks, I was all "No we will have another snow yet, too early for your optimistic spring fantasies". And lo, it hath snowed.

It hath snowed its snowy ass off. I AM the power and the evil.

If it quiets down a bit and stops being quite so thick and breezy I might go out later and take some pics, I love the way snow clings to things when it is fresh and gives you a whole new vision of them.

Then again I might stay right here inside in my fuzzie jammies and slippers and just make raspberry farty noises at the cold wet weather. "Nyah nyah I'm inside you can't get me myah myah!"

Today is officially Lazy Day Two, Movie Viewing Day.

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