Monday, March 31, 2008

my new favorite website...and other randomness

  • Thank you English David for pointing out this website to me. Like I didn't already have a reputaton for being a nut case at work, now I TOTALLY want the Glass is Half Empty mug.
  • I think Rich should have one too.
  • BTW David, quit reading my blog. It's bad for you.
  • I'm EVIL remember? I'll put bad ideas in your head. (heh)(too late)
  • Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I want to do something for it but am not sure what.
  • Ideas are appreciated. I'm open to everything that is legal and goofy.
  • I am actually wearing heels today. So far so good. No ankles broken.
  • I feel very girly, I keep wiggling my ass. Though that might be the tight skirt as well.
  • Maybe not the best thing to do at work, wiggling your ass, though I do work with mostly men so I guess they don't mind.
  • Heehee, thinking back on lunch conversations I am quite certain they don't mind.
  • I'm still trying to find the dongle.
  • Freudian much, Karla?
  • I can't BELIEVE it's almost April. Like, holy shit where did the year go and WHERE THE HELL IS THE NICE WEATHER?
  • I really want to wear sandals. And skirts without tights.
  • I need a tan, though. And to shave. And a pedicure. And possibly a knee lift, they seem to be frowning lately.
  • Girls of a certain age, you know what I mean.
  • And if you don't screw you. I don't like you anymore.
  • I forgot my cell phone today.
  • Felt like my left arm had been removed and nobody told me. I kept reaching for it but it wasn't there! Ack!
  • If a cell phone tweets and nobody hears it, does it exist?
  • Last night I made quinoa and black beans for dinner.
  • My advice: leave a window open after a meal like that.
  • Seems like I either eat REALLY healthy (black beans and quinoa) or really crappy (Krizpy Cheeze Kruncherz and a cherry vodka).
  • Need to strike a balance there, somewhere. (Cheeze Krunchers and back beans?)
  • It felt good working out yesterday. I'm not all that sore, just a bit through the back and the chest from weightlifting.
  • Niiiice.

OMG, Sweet deal for Yahoo! users/friends: Get A Month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost. W00t

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