Saturday, March 29, 2008


You know, I didn't really have THAT much to drink last night. A couple of margaritas and a beer or two. Spread over many hours. With food.

So WHY do I hurt so FRICKIN' bad today? Like, I think I have a migraine. I've got the little flickery edges going on in my eyesight to back that theory up.

Dave is on his way back to the US. It's been nice to get to know him. I mean, if you've kept up with someone's life for 4 years, it makes sense to get to know them in person, doesn't it? It was cool of him to include us in his birthday travel plans. Friends can come from many places, I think you should always be open to new ideas and people. (And what a brave dude to throw himself into the mix on our Friday nights.)

That doesn't mean that I didn't sort of wrangle him into taking a look at the wayward Mac last night. He gamely took a gander and I was mighty impressed by his mastery of my ornery white bitch. (THE MAC NOT ME!) He's truly a Mac Whore. Anyhow, he is pretty sure that the airport is not connecting with the drivers and software somewhere. Looks like a clean reinstall is in order. Shit. How much do I not want to do that?

FUCK FUCK FUCK the mac just froze mid post. Luckily blogger had just done an autosave so I didn't lose the post but I had to restart and connect to a cable. Bastard crap hell! I HATE this.

Today is rainy and gross. Rain on top of snow = broken body parts. I know of three people at work that are out with broken knees, ankles or legs from falling on ice. I am dying to go out and exercise or go for a walk but I'd rather be fat and whole than skinny and broken.

Bath time and then to tackle the mac reinstall. Hmm..maybe hair of the dog will help me in my efforts. Tequila anyone? (Ew, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.)

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