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Ok, so here is a skirt I bought in 1985. I got it at Loehmann's in Houston (is that still around?) and it is from the much ballyhooed Back Room. I don't know what designer it was, but judging by the price back then and the positioning of it in the store (I remember where I bought almost every item of clothing I have, which makes my memory very impressive when it wants to be, yet oddly selective) it was a very GOOD designer.

The skirt is almost ankle length, a houndstooth print, in a very heavy wool. Why I bought a very heavy wool skirt in Houston is a whole 'nuther question. But I HAD to have it. I have always had a thing for long A-line skirts, and if you were of clothing buying age in 1985 I can tell you that they were NOT easy to find back then. This skirt has pockets and some very clever pleating and it is beautifully made. I would always wear it with a simple tight black sweater and flats, very 50's New Look, dontcha know. A look that always suited me well.

Here's my dilemma: In 1985 I had a 24 inch waist. In 2008, well, not so much. I can still put it on, and button it, but it's a tight fit now to be sure. The thing I was cleaning out my closet and I realized I hadn't worn this skirt in about 5 years and by its very heft and length it takes up some fairly serious closet space. But I just can't BARE to get rid of it. Even if it does fit me kind of crappy now, it's still my idea of the epitome of the perfect winter skirt, a la Audrey Hepburn, you know? If I lost weight it would be a total winner once again, but I somehow don't see me getting my 24 inch waist back again, do you? (It fit (sort of) last time I put it on, maybe in 2001 or so, so it must be just lately that my middle has expanded a bit. Mom DID warn me about that.)

Should I keep it as a memento of happier, wasp waisted times? Or give it away and risk it not being appreciated for the thing of (now vintage! gah!) beauty it is?

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