Thursday, March 13, 2008

two cents.....

....Though the way the exchange rate is going, it's only worth 1 1/2.
This whole Eliot Spitzer thing. My two cents is that he's a hypocritical bastard who got caught breaking his own ethics rule. Hey, if you proselytize to everyone about the evils of prostitution and then get caught with, as it were, your hand in the cookie jar, you have no one but yourself to blame. Talk the talk, walk the walk. I feel so sorry for his poor wife. She doesn't deserve this and I hope she kicks him to the curb.
Anyone else sick of the Democratic primaries? I am. Just PICK ONE dammit. Then let them sort out who they want for VP (one of you pick Edwards, that would be great) and then lets roll this mutha out and get Bush out of office!
Still raining. And cold. I WANT SPRING NOW!
I'm getting my haircut fixed tomorrow at noon. Can't be soon enough. I feel like I have two separate haircuts on my one curly and bouncy, one just sort of long and floppy. They don't mix very well.
I'm starting to really love my new phone. If I didn't love my iPod so much, it might be rendered obsolete by the phone, but not quite, mainly because the iPod holds a helluva lot more music. But I love the way the phone works, and how seemlessly it integrates my podcast usage with my internet and emailing, and it multi tasks so you can have alot of different applications open and flick through them as needed. I love being able to download the podcasts I listen to directly to the phone anywhere I am without having to have a computer that I have to sync an iPod to. It will be great for traveling. Oh, and it will be great for keeping in touch with work, too. Uh, cuz, you know, that is what it is for.
I go pick up the iMac from the shop today, hopefully it's been fixed and even more hopefully they didn't have to erase the hard drive to do so.


 "Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken."
...Tyler Durden, Fight Club

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