Saturday, March 29, 2008

tick tock

Uncomfortable truce as Mac and I circle around each other, glaring.

I managed to get my backed up files restored. That took some time because when I did the erase and install, the Backup software that I thought came with the OS was, in fact NOT included on the reinstall disk. WTF?  I NEEDED that! Where did it come from, then?   Then I discovered it wasn't freeware, it was only available with a renewed .Mac account, which I don't want to renew. (I let it lapse over a year ago as I never used it.) So I caved and did a 60 day trial just to get the damned back up software. Why the hell isn't it included in the OS? Who's great idea was that? 

This became a circular argument, as I backed up all my files with that software, but couldn't have full use of it as it was now only a trial version with 100mb limits while i was trying to restore about 18 gig worth of files. Then it didn't recognize that it had been Backup in the first place that did the backups (because the history was deleted!) so it kept trying to tell me it couldn't restore as it wasn't the software that originally did it! GAH! And around and around. Something finally happened, though, and it twigged and finally started working. I will say, once it DID restore, it worked beautifully and it's almost like having my original system all back in place with very little tweaking on my part.

I have not downloaded Firefox as I want to see if maybe Safari (which seems slower than Firefox and I have never really liked) will be more stable.  As of right now, knock wood, the airport is working ok, but I've had a few crashes and such earlier today so I don't think I am out of the woods. But if I can get 20 minutes or so that would be alot better than the 3 I was getting.

Anyhow, after all my arguments with computers today (which I would honestly probably rather get an anal probe than have to do THAT again) I decided that my reward would be the little Warm Delights cake that Dave brought. Oh. My. God. I heartily admit that I licked the bowl after I was done. It wasn't just good, it was REALLY good. Orgasmically, mouth wateringly, WHY DIDN'T HE BRING MORE!!?!! good.  Publish Post

Dammit. Where the HELL am I going to get more of those? I am already wanting more. 

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