Sunday, March 30, 2008

sweaty random post

Just got back from the gym and I am totally hyper. And sweaty. Bullet post  time!
  • 1000 Homo DJ's song "Supernaut" playing on iPod through the stereo. Very old song from Trent's early days. Fucking RAWKS. You can't stay still when that is on. 
  • Yesterday the Airport conenction to the internet worked like gold. Solid and beautiful. 
  • I was so happy I downloaded around 75 songs off iTunes. 
  • Even so I saved about 400% of what it would cost to buy them here. 
  • An entire album off iTunes costs around $10., which is around 52nok.
  • An album bought in a store here would be around 150-200 nok. 
  • 'nuff said.
  • SUPERNAUT!!!!!!
  • Among the bands whose music I bought:
  • Godsmack (they aren't a religious band are they? I love that "Serenity" song. It would be ruined for me if they were a God Rock band)
  • Soundgarden (Superunknown, LOVE that album and have many fine memories of nights headbanging to "Spoonman")
  • Nirvana (In Utero, ditto fine memories above)
  • Moby's Best Of (yes I am the target audience for Moby: An old fucker who wants to dance)
  • A3 (Power in the Blood might be my new favorite song) 
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (Uplift Mofo Party Plan, with Fight Like a Brave and Special Secret Song Inside, I have it on vinyl from way back when. I way prefer early Chilis to later.) (Bookhart, I can't hear this without thinking of you, fyi.)
  • Old Goth stuff such as Type O Negative, Clan of Xymox, The Bolshoi, and my old favorite Shriekback.
  • It's hard to type and dance at the same time. 
  • I wore my favorite work out t-shirt to the gym.
  • It makes people nervous. 
  • On the front it says "MEAN EYED CAT, Austin Texas". With a picture of a snarling cat.
  • On the back, one big word, MEAN. 
  • It's black. The t-shirt, I mean, the lettering is white. 
  • It's one of my large collection of attitude shirts. 
  • One of my other favorite workout shirts is my NIN t shirt. 
  • Or my "Clowns are Scary" t shirt. 
  • People at the gym leave you alone when you wear an attitude shirt, but they are also fascinated with you. 
  • They stare. 
  • I don't really care, but at the gym I SWEAT and I don't like to have an audience when I sweat.  
  • Unless I am doing a table dance, of course.  
  • Ahem. 
  • The Airport card is NOT working today. It crashed the computer three times and we are back to square one. 
  • I really don't know what to do anymore. 
  • Back to having to use ethernet cable.  
  • Grrrshitfuckdamnhellandthec-word.
  • Is 2 pm too early to have some cherry vodka? I mean, I WAS good and worked out, right?
  • Und now vee dance......Touch my monkey, FEEL HIM!

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