Thursday, March 27, 2008

quick before the wireless craps out again!

I just got off the phone with Apple Care. A complete waste of time. The new wireless card has been doing the same shit as before so it's obviously a software issue. But the dude on the phone didn't know anything (Hello Mumbai!) and OF COURSE the airport card worked PERFECTLY when I was on the phone with him. It only craps out on me when I need it to work. If i want it to not work, it works. Damned thing.

I don't want to do a clean reinstall of the OS but it looks like I am forced into it. Grrr......that really is my last resort.

Tomorrow we'll have Dave over for a look-see of our 'hood. We've got some interesting historical stuff around here so if the weather holds we'll check it out. Iron age burial mounds, old church and graveyard, etc. I'll make him some quesadillas and then throw him to the snapping jaws of the wolves that are the crowd I hang out, Dave's travelled alot so I am pretty sure he can hang with a rough bunch such as ours. I'll just be sure to keep him hooked up with the Smash chocolates and I am sure he'll be fine! I can already see he will need monthly shipments. Otherwise he's sure to go into withdrawal. I stopped eating them because they are SO good want to rub them all over me and wear them.

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