Monday, March 24, 2008

Goodypalooza 1 or c'm'ere little girl I have something for you!

Dave brought me a goody bag from the US. I took a picture of him with the goodies, but I think I need to title it "Come closer Little Blogger, I won't hurt you!"

The red eyes and the bottle of booze give it a whole new edge. So close is the line between good and evil.**

Goodypalooza, originally uploaded by karlakp.

It worked though. I totally fell for it, and he didn't kill me, he just gave me the stuff to take home! He's not evil at all...he just draws himself that way.

**Edit, next day: Dave is EVIL. yes, EVIL. In fact his eyes glow red like that naturally, no flash needed. Nu-uh. No flash needed AT ALL. I am telling you the truth. Babies cry, children run....he is evil. Yep. Evil and bearing cookies. And cakes. And Sponge Bob Mac and Cheese. EVIL mac and Cheese,

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