Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring.... it can't come soon enough

When I was a kid my dad always had this expression about the horse going to the barn. You can take a horse out for a ride, and it will go where you direct it, but when it gets a sense that it is going home, it heads straight for that barn and NO ONE is going to stop it from its goal.

I sort of feel that way about spring and the onset of warm weather. It's months away, but I have that itchy feeling like I need to be in it NOW. I am the horse sensing the barn is not far away and I want to RUN FOR IT.

The shops are FINALLY starting to show some spring/summer clothes. Light colors, linens, floaty soft things and pretty dresses are starting to show in force. H&M had a lustworthy display of very simple, beautifully cut cottons in dove greys and soft taupes that just made me feel like buying the lot and then running away on safari.

This first appearance of spring clothes always makes me giddy for summer when I can wear loose linen pants and SANDALS and NO SOCKS. I have some AWESOME sandals. For reals. In summer I can get dressed in a minute by the mere expedient of shoving some cute little strappy dress over me and popping sandals on my feet and running out the door, as opposed to now when I have to think about how to dress...rain? Snow? Ok, if I wear THAT skirt I need THESE leggings or tights and THAT pair of boots and oh holy SHIT I am SICK OF IT. I'm SICK of drying my hair before I leave the house so I don't get sick or so my hair won't freeze on my head (yeah, that has happened). I'm sick of ugly black boots and wool socks and those fucking leggings and tights. I would happily never wear another scarf again for the rest of my life. I want to stomp on and then burn my long black hooded duvet coat. Yes it is warm and cozy, but it is also a walking blanket and it just makes me think winter, cold and dreariness. NO MORE COATS!

I haven't bought a single scrap of clothing in over a month (well, ok I got ONE dress in Amsterdam, but that is it and it was a necessity, that dress, it was SO me and I was SICK and I needed something to cheer me up and dammit I dragged myself out of bed to go shopping with a FEVER and I was NOT coming home without at least one item of clothes from that damned shop if it killed me, which honestly it almost did!). I haven't bought a par of shoes in two. (YIKES! A record!) Nothing has appealed to me.

But I think I might be coming out of my retail depression. I saw a pair of trousers today at Noa Noa that might have to become part of my closet....and a white linen top that just screamed "floaty summer picnic by the fjord!"

Then I remember...this is early March. In Norway. There's still snow on the ground and coming down. I'm minimum 2 and a half months from even THINKING about not wearing a sweater, must less going sans socks.


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