Tuesday, March 18, 2008

brain (and other) farts

The other night Rich requested that I make my famous Fart Spaghetti. He named it so because DAYUM it makes whoever eats it (mostly us) fart like cows. Frrrppp. It's mostly a bolognese sauce, but I make it extra thick and rich with a pound or more of beef, nearly as much mushrooms, chopped 'maters and a helluva lot of garlic and basil. It's more of a chili than a sauce in consistency. We always wonder if it is the mushrooms or the garlic that cause the farting, but whatever, it is VERY effective in causing copious methane production.

Anyhow, the leftovers are my favorite part. Tonight I took them and spread them over a homemade pizza bun (shit I am think in Norwegian...Pizzabun....um...pizza dough, yeah that's it) and then doused that in cheese and ended up with a really good and tasty (almost juicy, which is wierd but good in a pizza) pizza.

Let the farting begin!

Next week Oslo (and parts of Sweden) are going to be honored with a visit from a Real Live Internet God. Yes, be jealous all you people who live elsewhere. DAVE is gonna be in da hizzouse! I mean, holy crap! DAVE will be here, in humble little Oslo. I've notified the street sweepers, torch bearers and banner hangers, but in true Norwegian fashion they just said "meh". I don't think they get the magnitude of a DAVE visit. But then, maybe only the cool people get the Dave mojo. All I know is he is one of the bloggers I've read long term who I really REALLY want to meet. (Badger being another, and I totally met her and I HEART her, yo', but not in a gay way or anything.)

Who knows. Anyhow, I am totally PSYCHED to meet him and hope to have at least a few margaritas with him at Hard Rock. (Dave, are you going to be on expenses? Just wondering......) I may even venture to invite him to Casa Texpatriate so he can see how we live. We even promise not to fart. Out loud, at any rate.

OMG! What will I wear?

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