Sunday, May 06, 2007


It's quiet around here. Things are routine. Well, as routine as things get for us. Cuz, you know, my life is not exactly NORMAL. At least, not the sort of normal I expected to have. You know, growing up. Pretty much the minute I heard we were gonna move to Norway, my idea of a "normal" life sort of went right out the window.

So when things do get "normal" (relatively) where I am not traveling, or falling over in snow or having strange things happen, I really don't have much to write about.

We went to the pub on Friday. Nice time. Saucy conversations, too much beer, raucous laughter at stories of past experiences traveling and working. I fell so far off my diet with that creamy pasta carbonara it's not even funny. Damn it was good, though. Even better if someone lets you share their french fries and you can dip them in the creamy pasta sauce...double fat double good, with beer chasers!
I've been on a Buffy-rewatching binge. Spent Saturday finishing Season 6 while nursing my hangover and having Day Two. Rich is working on his Flickr pictures.
It's a bit overcast and cool today, but we went for a walk nevertheless. (One wierd thing...we see our friend Martin almost every time we step foot out of the house. He's at the grocery store or the shops or the pub or out and about. We always see him. Dude, Martin? What's up with that? Are you stalking us or are we stalking you? This time we saw Martin at the nearby open-Sundays grocery store, we bought pomegranates, he got strawberries. My aren't we fruity.)

We're discussing the next travel plans. Poland is high on the list. Cheap flights there on Norwegian. Then again, we could take the train to Stockholm, or possibly just go up to Trondheim, never been there. And it's been 6 months since I have been home and I am feeling the need for some Mom and Dad and Brother hugs, some time with friends and a little bit o' Texas twang. Not sure if that will happen this summer as ohmygod have you seen the prices of flights this summer? But I'll try. See what happens. Check it out.

Next on today's agenda: nap. Perhaps a bath.



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