Friday, May 11, 2007

trying again with the five fave restaurants meme

Geeky Tai Tai, I don't know, but I think you might be evil. Every time I try to do this meme you tagged me for, something goes horribly wrong and I end up having to delve deep into my template to fix things. This time, when I attempted to add you to my links? I accidentally deleted ALL my other links and had to find my old template and restore them, but I think some names are missing and dammit I can't remember exactly who. If you are reading this and used to be in my links and you notice your name is now missing, it's NOT because I don't love you, I just am an idiot.

I know Dave, Kjersti and I are evil, but GTT, you might have the most evil mojo of them all.....the UNKNOWN TO YOURSELF EVIL BLOG MOJO. Hmm......I bow to your will.

Ok, so now for that meme. Let's hope it works this time, or I am gonna be really hosed. I don't know if the template can take any more tweaking!


I'm supposed to list the other people who have done this meme, add my name to the bottom of the list, then tag five people so that they do the same. So here's the list of previous players:
Now for the five favorite places. Since it's really expensive to eat out in Norway, we rarely go out. considering a pizza delivered is over $50, you can see how going out is just not much of an option. that being said, we do have a few places we go when we get the funds to do so.

1) The Pub. The Friday night regular pub. They give us a discount on beers for being regulars with jobs. The food is comforting, plentiful and quite well presented. They use lots of bearnaise sauce, and I don't know about you, but any sauce made with mostly butter is way ok with me. You can get a "dagens rett" (day special, day food) for 115 nok, which is a GREAT deal. But I am NOT telling you where it is as then you would all go there and see me drinking. So there.

2) Haveli, they have a few locations. Good Pakistani food. Well presented, tasty. Quite expensive but eh, that's life. I took Lee and Mags and Brett there when they came to visit and they both LOVED it. Even though they nearly fainted at the wine prices.

3) Hard Rock Cafe. Cuz, you know, NACHOS. They import the cheese and chips. Seriously. Closest thing to home I am gonna get.

4) This funky little place called Tullins Cafe. I used to go there on "dates" with my friend Julia, before she up and left me for the States. Good food, good prices, great studenty atmosphere, small but satisfying wine list. Somehow wine there just always tasted better. Maybe it was Julia....I dunno. Dude I miss you!

5) This is not a restaurant, but I love my friend Mary's cooking. She's Indian and that girl can COOK. I don't care what she makes, it's yummy. Even things I don't normally like (fish!) I like when she cooks it. So, even though it's not a restaurant, I nominate Mary's House as a top five place to eat locally.

I swore off tagging a while ago, but I am supposed to do it for this, so here goes. Don't hate me. I'll tag the more foodie people I know. (I'm letting Dave off the hook because he's traveling and I bet he got hit already. See how NICE I can be?) :

, Austin.
DoctaWife, Houston
Jaye, Austin
Vivi, France
Sognatrice, Italy

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