Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Aftermath of Decadence

Me as a naughty schoolgirl a la Eurovision contestant Tatu.

I am so hungover I can hardly move. I have lipstick prints on my neck and bite marks on my thigh. Candy necklaces, in the hands (or more aptly, on the necks and thighs) of drunk adults, become a force for evil and lasciviousness. Woo! I highly recommend them as a party dessert from now on.

I got up at noon today, walked into the kitchen, smelled the leftover wine and had to run back to bed before I hurled. I stayed there until 2pm. Rich, sweet man that he is, cleaned up everything. I think we might have a party routine figured out: I do the preparations and he does the aftermath. I also think that vodka is very bad for me now, and I might have to avoid it. Though I also had wine and maybe mixing all that was not such a great idea.

Urg. I guess you want pictures don't you?

Some of the Eurovision party gang. Goths, Rock Stars, Pop Stars and an Irishwoman. (She couldn't decide what her costume was, and she's Irish, so hence her costume became Irishwoman.)

Proof that Vampires exist. This picture reminds me of that movie "The Hunger". Hanna is so totally photogenic. Who knew?

Me and Hanna, we are Up To No Good. (Woo glowsticks!)

Reechard as zee Judge Francaise.

A good time was had by all. And one of the best things about having a party is you find lots of unopened beer and wine in your fridge. Not, of course, that I could even think of having any now....yaarrgg.

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