Friday, May 04, 2007

Things I learn in life

Some things I have learned in life were patently brought home to me last night. Problem was, I ignored the lessons already learned and thus subjected myself to something that, while not actually death causing, was certainly two hours of my life that I will never get back.

Me and a few girlfriends decided it would be a hoot to go see a show that it currently on its run in Oslo: A Tribute to Dirty Dancing. I mean, hey, light entertainment, some songs, and they promised some kick ass dancing, so why the hell not, right?

First mistake: I am not all that fond of the movie upon which this "tribute" is based. I mean, it's fine and all, but I tend to fast forward through alot of the song bits. The story is decent and so I watch for that.

Second mistake: I forgot that I really don't like the music. So why I thought that going to a musical based on the music was a good idea, I'm

FUCK. Back to this later. The building fire alarm just went off....gotta go evacuate.

10 minutes later.....I'm back. This building we live in is very new and loaded with bells and whistles, and apparently sometimes the bells and whistles like to have loud parties where they invite to whole building to listen to them ring and shout. Ugh....that was loud. At least now I know what I would run out of the house with if it ever caught Mac, my passport, my glasses, my favorite ring. Rich wasn't here, but I'd grab him, too, if for some reason he couldn't grab himself.

Back to pre-empted story.

Um...right, lessee....Ok, so don't like music of Dirty Dancing either. At least, not the 80's stuff. the 60's stuff is ok.

Third mistake, I totally forgot that anything labeled "A Tribute To..." SUCKS. I have albums that are tributes to bands, I've seen movies that were tributes to..whatever, and they always SUCK. "A Tribute To..." means nothing more than "We are not imaginative to come up with our own stuff, so we are going to rehash something someone ELSE did and pretend like we are honoring them, when all we really doing are using that name to draw you suckers in so that we can cash in on the other, more famous thing".

Anyhow, what can I say? The show was really bad. It felt like all the losers from"American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" came together and started their own show called A Tribute To Dirty Dancing. It was amateur, badly choreographed, and way WAY too long. There was no soul, no humor and no chemistry. Everyone wanted to be a rock star, but none of them were good enough or charismatic enough to be rock stars.
The singing was ok, but the dancing? Oh the dancing was just kind of bad. Like, you could see them counting out the steps bad. The dancers didn't smile, they grimaced bad. The one girl who would get lifted and stuff would visibly stop and prepare herself before each "trick" and you could totally see her getting ready for whatever came next. AND SHE NEVER SMILED.
One guy who came out to sing and dance had some mic issues, so he actually told us to "watch him shake his bottom" as some sort of interim filler while he got the mic sorted. Whatthefuck?

I ended up laughing though most of it. As did the ladies sitting next to me.

I felt bad, for a bit, like maybe I was too jaded or I just wasn't into the spirit of the thing, but then I realized I have seen many, many good things and enjoyed the hell out of them, so this was really just bad and I shouldn't feel guilty for making fun of it.

Don't get me wrong, on one or two songs they did well, and the band was good. The show itself, though, really, really needs a huge reworking, way better dancing, and a shortening by 30 minutes.

When it was over, I was ready to leap out of my chair and go home, and then, guess what? They did an ENCORE. And the encore? A fucking 20 minute long medley of all the songs they ALREADY DID. Kill me, please. Just kill me.

I was like, "Ok, so why didn't they do this medley at the beginning of the show, and then skip the show itself.....that way I could have been out of here hours ago?"

Oh well, we had fun just as a group of gals out on the town. Dinner was good, we ate at Hazrd Rock. The nachos still rock.

Lesson learned: next time skip the show and just eat the nachos.

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