Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm all for fashion but COME ON already

I've always been a fan of fashion. Style, clothes, what's new, what's fun...I love it all. Though I take the trends with a grain of salt (skinny jeans? Uh, not for me, thanks) I do enjoy reading Vogue, Glamour, Bazaar and any fashion mag that comes my way.

It's just...sometimes the pretentiousness of it all gets to me.

Like, yesterday? I was reading Vogue and Vogue is obviously on the green wagon but good. Goody for them, nice for them to jump on the bandwagon! And so, along with an article on how to buy "green jeans" and how great (again) Edun is, they have this big article (like this one) cajoling everyone into not using paper or plastic grocery bags but instead to start using their own reusable bags bought from some uber-fashionable boutique or whatever.

The suggestions include a "reusable" bag from Marni that runs $843. Another from Hermes that is just under $1000. And another, leather one, by some other designer that is made to resemble a paper bag, that costs around $1500.

I don't know about you, but if I buy a bag to carry my groceries in that costs over $800, it better damned well be reusable for about 50 years! And honestly, it should also make my groceries weigh alot less, and perform rather like Mary Poppin's bag, so that I can fit, like, a whole kitchen in there and not notice the weight. Like, pull a whole turkey out of there, with all sides, and still be able to fit your six of beer and your little brother in there as well. I would expect ALOT from an $800 grocery bag.

Here in Norway they charge us for bags at grocery stores. That pisses me off, so whenever I travel I keep an eye out for what I call "attitude bags" that I use as grocery bags. These are just small cheap canvas or muslin bags found at tourist shops that have a saying or logo on them that amuses me.

My favorite bag, that I use alot, is one that says, "Meine Leute waren am Rhein und alles was sie mitgebracht haben ist diese Scheiss Taschen". Translated, it means "My peeps went to the Rhein River and all they brought back was this shit bag".
Then I also have a bag from Harvey's Sussex Brewery in Lewes, UK. I use that one as a quiet protest against the extortionate beer prices here. It hurts a bit to carry crappy expensive beer in a bag that advertises really good traditional beer, but at least I can remember the taste of the good beer.
And I also have a bag I got in Tallin that has Viking ships on it. I just like carrying it in the land of Vikings.
None of those bags cost me more than $10. And they all make me giggle, don't tear when I fill them up, are comfortable to carry and get my groceries home in relatively good condition. And, if I did lose one? No big. It's not like it cost a grand or anything.

I'm all for fashion? It just has to make sense. Thousand dollar carrier bags do NOT make sense. If you can afford a grand for a grocery tote, why not just hire a guy to carry it for you instead.

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