Thursday, May 10, 2007

In which technology continually bitch slaps me into oblivion

Good lord, people, can someone please give me a website or machine that just works like it is supposed to? No surprises or anything? GAH. I'm tired of being bitchslapped by electronics.

First there was/is the horrible snafu that has been Haloscan. I don't know WHAT is up, but it just craps out on me and disappears. Why why why???? It's there now, but I really don't trust it. It's like a wayward puppy or something. I need to leash it to the blog and not let it escape again.

Then my iPod continues its wierdness. Monday was HornDog day, Tuesday was Rap Attack and yesterday was Goth Industrial Wonderland. Today's shuffley goodness was mostly spoken word/comedy and some of my lamer music, you know, the stuff you fast forward past? You know you have it on there for a reason, but right now that reason escapes you?

Then at work I've been dealing with Outlook for some projects I am planning and oh holy crap I hate Outlook. Nastier software I've never encountered. Yech. It makes me look like an idiot. (Ok, so on Outlook I AM an idiot, but I am not an idiot on other, normal, BETTER software.)

Then, today, I've been trying to book some train tickets for a little jaunt out to Bergen and somehow whenever I try to get the lower prices the website freezes. then it says the tickets aren't available. Then I go back to the beginning and it says they ARE available, and the whole rigmarole of rejection starts again.
I tried buying the tickets at the train station, but they said in order to get the good price I had to buy through the ticket machine outside or incur a higher charge for having someone assist me. So I tried using the machine outside, but it froze, and so the girl working the counter closed her window and came out to help me....which sort of defeats the whole purpose of me using the machine to avoid having to use the services of staff. Doesn't it? anyhow, it still didn't work and the cheap prices just mysteriously went away. Bait and switch! Bait and switch!

Every day this week, right about the time I get home from work, I've heard singing. This girl comes out onto the balcony of a building next to ours, sets up a sound system with BIG speakers, and starts warbling. It's kind of sweet, but also strange and a bit dismaying. Her voice is ok, but very high and thin, so it sounds like Marni Nixon singing through a tin can. She sings old songs, nothing new. Maybe they are hymns? Why is she singing? Why is she singing to random strangers on a busy plaza? Why is she doing it every day at 5pm? Why doesn't she have any music to back her up? Why is she on a balcony and not down amongst the masses? Why does she sing at such a high pitch when I can tell her voice is not suited for it? Take it down a notch and I bet it would be much stronger.

And, last but not least....we need a new bed, but bad. So I've been scouting around, and can I just say WOW. Beds here are damned expensive. I don't want another cheap one that wears out and causes pain after 10 years like we have now, I want a good one. No Ikea, dammit! So I've been checking out some stores on co-worker's and other's recommendations and I think I might need to ask for a raise, if this is what my co-workers have for beds!
I don't know about you, but $13,000 for a bed (yes, over 100,000 nok) is a bit out of range. I nearly DIED when I saw the price list. The cheapest bed was almost $9000. (50,000nok). The sales lady was all, "But it's all organic and made with the finest materials. It will last a lifetime".
I don't care if it's stuffed with all the granola goodness Mother Earth has to offer, topped with angel clouds and wrapped one thread at a time with gold silk pulled from rare worm's asses, $13,000 is a shitload of money. For $13000 I can buy a new bed, like the one we had that lasted 10 years, once a year for 26 years. It makes the bed that I thought was too expensive at $6000 seem cheap!

All I want is a good bed that will stop me waking up feeling like a bent over old hag. Is that too much to ask?

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