Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A meme because I'm lame, and a correction, also because I'm lame.

My prior post may make it sound like I went to Vilnius and got some new boobs. Um, that would be WRONG. I went to Vilnius and got some new bras, and found out that my boobs have gotten bigger all on their very own. Sorry for the confusion. (I did have a very nice and inexpensive facial, though. I would assume a boob job there would be cheap as well.))

If I was an hour of the day... I'd be 3pm.
If I was a planet... I'd be the sun. Because Earth revolves around me.
If I was a direction... I'd be Southwest, baby.
If I was a piece of furniture... I'd be a bed.
If I was a liquid... I'd be .a really nice amarone wine.
If I was a sin... I'd be Lust. Totally, Lust.
If I was a rock... I'd be quartz, because it can be many things.
If I was a tree... I'd be a live oak.
If I was a fruit... I'd be a raspberry.
If I was a flower... I'd be a gladiolus.
If I was a climate... I'd be an mountains near water.
If I was a musical instrument... I'd be a bass guitar.
If I was an element... I'd be fire.
If I was a color... I'd be red.
If I was an animal... I'd be a white leopard. Or a bird.
If I was a sound... I'd be a laugh or a moan. YOU know what kind of moan.
If I was music... I'd be tribal drums a la Dead Can Dance..
If I was a music style... I'd be Technoindustrialworld.
If I was a feeling... I'd be eagerness.
If I was a book... I'd be The Three Musketeers.
If I was a food... I'd be a Shrimp Tostadas at Matt's El Rancho.
If I was a place... I'd be London.
If I was a flavour... I'd be raspberries.
If I was a scent... I'd be something woodsy and sexy...vetiver or sandalwood.
If I was a word... I'd be "fuck".
If I was a verb... I'd be "bugger". (that word cracks me up)
If I was an object... I'd be Stonehenge.
If I was a part of the body... I'd be the brain.
If I was a facial expression... I'd be a raised eyebrow.
If I was a cartoon character... I'd be The Roadrunner.
If I was a movie... I'd be Auntie Mame.
If I was a shape... I'd be an hourglass.
If I was a number... I'd be 8.
If I was a season... I'd be Summer.
If I was a sentence... I'd be "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

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