Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Friday

  • Train: On the train to work today, I was listening to music on my iPod (one particularly evocative song being Gary Numan's Metal) and realized that listening to music on a train, any train, is nothing less than a holistic, full body experience. It never fails, somehow, the rhythm of the train will always match the rhythm of the music and they blend in a very harmonious way. Then, as you watch the scenery pass by outside, you suddenly feel as if you are the center of your own 3d light and sound and sensation video. The cabin rocks in motion to your music, the world flashes by, you feel the 'gedunk a dunk de DUNK a dunk' of the train on the rails and you feel like a secret stealth rock star god who controls the motions of the world. Or is that just me? Anyhow, I freaking LOVE listening to music on trains.
  • Food: Today at lunch we had tacos and waffles. As a combination it sounds strange, but load that taco up with some rich Norwegian sour cream (have I mentioned my absolute adoration of Norwegian dairy products?) and salad fixins' and you have a yummy, practically homestyle Texas Taco Salad. Then for dessert you get waffles, that you spread with sour cream and raspberry jam in a fairly thick layer and I tell you what, that is the best tasting damned thing in the world . Trust me on this one. Sour Cream. Jam. Waffle. Eat. Moan.
  • Weeds. I am watching the first season of the Showtime show Weeds. Holy crap what a great show, and at times it is laugh out loud ribaldly funny. And yet very true to life. Elizabeth Perkins is a revelation in that series, she is amazing. I have always loved her, she seems very real in whatever she does. Thanks to Grant for bringing it back from the US for me, and I certainly enjoyed texting you about you getting me my weed..... (However, a big "fuck you" to Showtime for blocking me from their website because I am from outside the US. I really, truly HATE that shit.....)
  • Summer and feet: Summer is a tease. It showed up briefly a few weeks ago, then retreated back to southern Europe somewhere and has not come back. It's grey, rainy and really chilly. It is seriously messing with my plan to wear a Dress A Day for the summer. I think I could manage to wear a different dress or skirt combination every day for the whole of the summer, if it would just freaking warm up. As it is, I have to pull out the tired old sweaters and jackets and not the cute linens, cottons, voiles and chiffons I have loved my whole life. But, and I don't care HOW cold and wet it is out there, I am wearing my sandals and that is THAT. Cold feet be damned. Honestly, my feet are always cold anyhow, so wearing sandals when it's 55 degrees just gives me an excuse as to why they are cold, as opposed to my usual answer which is, "They are long and bony and no blood gets to the ends". (Which is also true. I have the BONIEST damned feet . I never understood how I could have such bony hands and feet and then have this ass and these boobs. Makes no sense.)
  • Work: We have yet ANOTHER holiday next week, on Monday. We have had May Day (May 1), May 17 and now this Monday off from work. I'm feeling a bit guilty about it, to be honest. I have not worked a 5 day week this month. Rich and I are NOT going anywhere this weekend, I am traveled out and want to stay home and go for walks in the balmy (chilly) sunny (overcast) beautiful (beautiful) hills.
  • Play: But first, I am going to the pub this evening. And with the new cell phone (did I mention I dropped mine last week and it exploded and I had to get a new one? and so I got once again the cheapest Nokia, because I am SO not a phone snob and I have bad luck with cell phones as a rule? But this new phone compared to my crappy old one, is like a computer to a typewriter? Wow...) (and how's that for a lengthy digression.... where were we...oh!) I think I can take pics and send them to my Flickr check it out later. Pictures of drunk people...woo!

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