Saturday, May 12, 2007

drunk eurovision blogging

Ok so we are in mid Eurovision party.

I'm drunk.

so is everyone else.


My Tatu costume worked out well, if I do say so myself. I make a good naughty school girl. We also had many people in shiny foil wigs, some goths, and one fabulous costume where Will dressed as a girl. Not sure what he was trying to portray, but who cares, with legs like that, he can go far.
The only bummer is that Terry Wogan was not the MC, as BBC did not do a live send to Norway, Fuckers.

Right now they are judging. I am for Russia and Bulgaria. Bulgaria did some sort of gypsy Goth drum thing and Russia did a naughty school girl gone growed up routine that totally matched my costume.

Now is the interminable time where they give us entertainment while the judges tabulate the votes. This time it involves goth acrobats dancing with light sabers.

yes, I know it sounds like I am not making sense. But that is so very Eurovision.

the US is so missing out on this.

Wish y'all could be here.

We are having candy necklaces for dessert. You can have your sweetie off the neck of whoever you choose. Europeans like that sort of thing.

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