Monday, May 07, 2007

In which my iPod proves itself to be an evil, evil little bastard*

My general custom is to bring my iPod to work, and after listening to the news and stuff, put it on shuffle songs and just let it play.

Today, apparently was 'Play Songs That Make Karla Horny" day because the little bastard would not stop playing all the naughty songs it had, and ONLY the naughty songs.

I swear, it was like some cosmic joke, all it played were either songs that you wanna do "it" to or things that make you think about 'it". **

Robert Plant's "I'm in the Mood" (though Robert Plant crooning anything in my ear gets me going, he is Svengali to me). Prince's whole nasty Purple Rain (Darlin' Nikki, anyone?) oeuvre, plus "Black Sweat" and "Gett Off". Depeche Mode's "A Question of Lust". Love and Rocket's "My Delicious Ocean". NIN's "Closer" (twice, I might accidentally have hit replay on that one). Madonna's "Justify My Love". "Sledgehammer", Peter Gabriel.


All day long I was working on spreadsheets and dammit, you can't work on spreadsheets while nasty chair dancing in an office with a window onto a busy hallway. You really...can't. People look at you funny. Then they point and laugh. and b ring their friends to join in the fun. (Just kidding, that didn't happen.)
Evil bastard iPod. Even if I switched it off and restarted it, it played different, but just as naughty as before, songs.

I finally had to turn the damned thing off on the train ride home when I realized all I could do was think about "it" and that was possibly a very bad thing on a packed train full of rather handsome men, many of whom were wearing tight jeans.

I think I need a refreshingly chilly shower.

*My iPod is black, and it belongs to me, so I guess it was destined to be evil. But I didn't expect it to get a mind of its own....and then not obey me when I tell it to behave.

**Admittedly, 90% of my music has a nasty factor in it. What can I say? I like to boogy!

*** Even now, my iTunes has caught on and is playing Prince's song "Head". GAH!!!!!!

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