Wednesday, May 02, 2007

You won't like me after you click on the link

Ok, so the story goes like this:

At work today, I got an email titled "Tiden går - silikon består?" , which in Norwegian means, basically, Time Goes, Silicon Remains. And in that email was a picture.

Now I am a pretty nice person, generally, so I think I will just link to the image instead of blasting it across the page for your eyeballs to explode upon, as did mine today. AT WORK. Took me ages to clean eyeball goo off the screens, let me tell you.

You know when you see something and it's really light and then you close your eyes and that image is imprinted on your retinas and you see it for a long time afterwards? Well, that is this picture on my brain.

Before I link to it, let me just say this is absolute proof that fake breasts, too much tanning and being thin are all completely, totally and reprehensibly over rated. I might be a big assed white glow in the dark Kraut, but my tits are natural and I will never look like this.

Ok, enough prevarication.

Go here.

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