Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back from Vilnius, New with Bigger Boobs!

We're back from Vilnius, Lithuania.

While there, I bought some new bras, because hello, prices there are cheap for almost everything. The place is rife with lingerie stores. It seems women there only wear lingerie, shoes, amber and makeup because there were TONS of those shops and not so many actual clothes shops. So I bought bras, because the varieties were just amazing. And I got a little sizing surprise.

Introducing the new Double D Karla! (Ok, so I am still not up there with Badger's freakishly large E's, but hey, a double D push up bra is somethin' to see!) Now in shades of black, white, hot pink, bright yellow and a poppy flower print. The only problem is they are sort of the Hummer of bras (as opposed to my former Subarus) and they don't fit in the "garage" (bra drawer) very well, so I might have to do some rearranging.

More later...I gotta go to work. Or should I say, more about Vilnius later. We are done discussing my upsized chesticles.

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