Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My brother the race car driver

Did I ever mention that my brother races cars?

Well, he does, and he's awesome.

Here's some bits from an email he sent today:

I went to Dallas and did the VW Ride and Drive. Autocrossed GTI's, Passats, EOS's Jetta's Beetles and did a faux off road course in the Touareg. In four driving competitions I got first place in three. I lost the team competition because I had some LOOOOZERS on my team. Two old guys got lost on the most basic course, and two chicks were just really slow. I made up more than half the time on my run, but it wasn't enough. GRRRRR.

They had pro racers giving the event. At the timed autocross the pro (NASCAR West Coast driver) went out and laid down a benchmark time and said "Lets see if any of you can come close." He just chummed the waters for me. I played it very cool. Everybody was driving the 3.2 EOS, since it was the fastest car. I chose the 2.0t Passat that everbody else was ignoring. It was a rainy and gravely course. I did my run with the traction control on, kept it quick and clean. I didn't think it was a good run at all. Twenty minutes later they were calling my name. They said I had the fastest time and had beaten the PRO by about half a second!! SWEEET!! I won the award for the Driver of the Event. I won the DSG launching competition which involved a curve and precision stop. And the reverse slalom course in a Beetle. That was hard, but fun.

My brother is a scarily good driver. I've never met anyone who can control a car like him. (Though I am not bad, for a girl, he says.) He really should be pro.

I'm so proud!

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