Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dec 26th, continued.....

I know it's the 28th but the 26th was eventful.

Last time i posted, I might have mentioned very slightly about how the 26th sucks ass? Well, it just got worse.

Like my shoulders and neck, usually pretty tight and knotty, went into agony overdrive and I had fucking muscle spasms happening. By the end of the night I could hardly move. I left work early (15 minutes, only, but I told the manager that I was going home with a look in my eyes that brooked no dispute). I drove to Julia's and burst into tears and begged her to please please please give me a back rub or I would die (and a beer and a xanax and a 800mg ibuprofen.) Those things together got me through the night, and the next morning I was able to get me to a massage therapist for a 45 minute intense shoulder and neck workover.

I am now able to turn my head almost 90 degrees, well, more like 60. Looking down is not so good, but whatever. At least I am not so knotted up that I want to cry. I'm more just wanting to bitch about it.

We are getting calls about the house for rent. It's wigging me out. One couple (who seem really nice) really likes it but "want me to install a dishwasher or disposal". I'm like, dudes, if it was that easy, I woulda done it by now. 1950's kitchen in original shape with original electrics and cabinets? Not so easy to just pop electronics in there. And I kinda want to wait on that and do it in one big overhaul, not just some piecemeal installation. So, um, sorry, request denied. You have a dog....isn't that disposal enough?

Steve the Painter is chugging along getting the house painted inside. Oh My God I saw the yellow I picked for the hall and front bedroom and it's FABULOUS. I love love love it. I'm very pleased with how it is turning out. I can't wait to see the other colors.

Back to work. I was cut off the schedule for tomorrow, then put back on. After I'd made plans to go to Enchanted Rock. must rearrange rock climbing plans.

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